Thursday, August 16, 2012

[Demonomicon] Astaroth, Diabolus Part I

I always have a great interest in the abyssal lords. For this series, I hope to cover obscure abyssal lords. For the first one, i think i would start with Astaroth.

Layer: Terminal Archives
Areas of Concern: Science, Prophecy, Knowledge
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Knowledge,  Prophecy
Favored Weapon: Flail
All Rights reserved to Matt Bradbury
Astaroth was a celestial scribe within the House of Knowledge, serving an unknown god of knowledge. Well versed in a broad range of topics and a gift for prophecy, Astaroth was enamored by the concept of evil fighting evil. Thus begin his downfall.

Researching into the truenames of the fiendish creatures that existed in the Abyss, Astaroth wrote the Vital Pact. Sharing the disreputable philosophy that summoners should use the terrible fiends as allies to fight against enemies, Astaroth inked each unique copy with the true name of a fiend and discussed at length on the summoning techniques of fiends.

But all forbidden knowledge comes with a price. For each book the dedicated archon wrote, he was tainted by his research to fight against evil. Soon, the archon was unrecognizable and was cast out from the Upper Planes.

Still, Astaroth continued his research. The layer in which he rules have become a library of lost and forbidden knowledge. However, Astaroth has become thoroughly twisted in his unnatural thirst of knowledge. Once desiring to use these knowledge for good, Astaroth now strives to use knowledge and prophecy as a way to spread chaos and misery.

Astaroth appears as a handsome man with feathered and serpentine features. To those who wishes for his favor, they would write down their experience and the lore they have learnt for the day. They would then burn a copy of these experiences and dedicate it to Astaroth. It is said that each pages would be archived in the Terminal Archives.

For those whom Astaroth have taken notice, they would earn the following boon:

1: Identify 3/day or Augury 2/day or Clairaudience/Clairvoyance 1/day
2: Quickened Unholy Blight 1/day
3: Scrying 1/day

Followers of Astaroth have their patron's thirst for knowledge. They delight in offering sadistic solution to people in need. Nothing warms their heart more than seeing a hapless father commit murder in order to save their child's life.

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