Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[Birthright campaign] Frost in Halskapa: Prologue

Ruis stared blankly at the cauldron as it bubbles with the mixture of ivy leaves and vinegar. Today was the celebration of Gort. Druids have gathered to Odenmark for the ceremonies. Even now, Ruis could hear them chanting prayers to Erik.

Ruis frowned at his red shirt. He could not wait for the day when he would be granted his own gray robes. Then he would be joining them in their prayers. Lost in his thoughts, he did not notice the colorfully dressed man standing behind.

"Ruis?" the man said, "Be careful it doesn't boil over".

Ruis gave a yelp at the voice. When he turned around, he gave the man a vigorous hug. "Uncle Jalkar, how have you been?"

Jalkar gave Ruis a stare. "He has been slipping in and out of his fugue these few years and it has been getting worse."

"Yeah yeah." Ruis said tersely, his eyes concentrating on the cauldron.

"He is your father after all and -"

"Look, uncle Jalkar-" Just as Ruis was about to interrupt, the sounds of a storm came thundering through. Before Ruis could say another word, a swirl of green energy enveloped him from the ground. As the energy ran all over Ruis' body and disappeared, his eyes had an eerie green shine. The land of Halskapa felt like an extension of his body. For that moment, he could not differentiate between his body and the land. As he forced himself to reality, he saw Jalkar's eyes streamed with tears. Jalkar kneeled in front of Louis.

"Long live the High Jarl of Halskapa!"

I am starting to run a Birthright campaign with the Mythic GM emulator. Above is the prologue. More deets on the next post

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