Thursday, June 7, 2012

[Birthright] Frost in Halskapa


Returning from the newly formed Siren Realm, Bervinig brought home an infant and named him Ruis. As Ruis grew up, his steely eyes and hawk like feature leave no one in doubt of his father. Of the boy's mother, he has never uttered a word.

Blessed with a voice, Ruis grew to be a favorite among the court of Skapa Hjarring. However wonderful his performance, Bervinig never smiled once. As Bervining's sanity lapsed, the frown on Bervinig grew deeper and deeper. Eventually, when Ruis reached the age of twelve, Bervinig decided to send Ruis to the Oaken Grove. That move shocked and worried the closest allies of the king. The tradition was that no priests of Erik could rule and Bervinig had no heir. But Bervinig was stubborn in his decision.

So Ruis was sent to Oaken Grove. In there, Ruis blossomed and grew to understand more about the lands of Rjurik. The struggles of the provincial jarl was not his concern. Oaken Grove was his life now.

But the land of Halskapa was determined to name her own heir. When Bervinig died, his bloodline was given to Ruis. Ruis was now the king.

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