Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[d20 modern] Introduction to the Nightwatch Universe

"You know how you were scared of the scary monsters when you were young. And then your parents came and reassure you that they do not exist. Well, boy. They do exist and i have the damn scars to prove it." - Fellowship Agent

The creature of the Shadow have lived amongst us for thousands of years. Preying on humanity, these unspeakable creatures attempts to drain the plane for all its immense resources.The only ones who could see these invaders as what they are is a group of human being known as the Others. But the continual struggle against Light and Dark has caused this defenders of humanity to weaken in power.

The Others are a group of human beings born with the ability to tap into what is known as the Greyzone. The Greyzone is a pool of magical energy that is flowing within the Nightwatch Earth. It is no secret that the Shadow Creatures view the Greyzone as the ultimate prize and they continually manipualte the unwary humans to this dark goal.
Born different from other human beings, the Others instinctively knows how to tap into the Greyzone to obtain minor supernatural abilities. To obtain more power from the Greyzone, the Others would have to enter into the Greyzone. Known as the Initiation, the Other would be utterly transformed by the experience.Depending on his mental state, the Other would choose between the Light and Dark. He would then choose what powers he choose.

This division of Light and Dark has always existed between the Others. The Light side wanted to use the abilities for the good of others while the Dark side wanted no such obligations. The Dark Others was determined that they should serve only themselves. For these ideals, the two sides clashed incessantly using whatever means available to them. The conflicts dimished the population of Others. Without a governing force,  the Shadow Creatures was able to gain more influence within the mortal world.

Knowing that the continuous battle would extinct the Others race, both side grudgingly reached a truce. They created the Grand Treaty which governs how the Others would use their powers. Both created the Fellowship, an organisation that consisted of both Light and Dark Others and used to police the supernatural influence of Earth.

Since the signing, both sides have watched each other and the Shadow vigilantly. The powerful within the Others have sought to use both humans and Others as pawns in their game to further their own goals.

Note: This is a d20 modern campaign that I have adapted from the excellent Night Watch novels of Sergei Lukyanenko . I have tried to mix some elements of Urban Arcana in to make it more fantasy like.

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