Sunday, June 10, 2012

[Birthright Campaign] Frost in Halskapa: 1st scene

[Here is the summary of the 1st scene of my solo Birthright Campaign. As part of the Birthright rule, I had to do some housekeeping before the domain rounds ( which is the month-by-month event).

Firstly, the holding's attitudes had to be adjusted. After some dice rolling, most of the realms were determined to be indifferent except of Skapa Hjarring (the capital of Halskapa) , Dvasik ( the druid groves in which Ruis was raised).

Domains collection and expenses netted me 13 RP and 3 GB.

For the first scene, the event meaning was "Malice at home". So I took it to mean that someone had been spreading rumors about Ruis and set the scene.]

"Did you notice any weird behavior in the court today? Ruis asked Jalkar when they retreated to his chambers.

Just as Jalkar was about to answer, the door of the chamber opened when a man dressed in breastplate burst in. His coat of arms identified him to be a member of the Iron Guard, the king's personal guards. Behind the burly man, a mousy man chained up followed behind him. With a swift kick from the armored man, the prisoner fell onto his knees in front of Ruis.

"What's the matter, Aran?" Ruis addressed the Iron Guard.

"This filthy traitor," Aran said with another swift kick to the prisoner"Was spreading untrue rumors about the King"

[The unknown NPC attempts an Espionage Action as per the Birthright rules. He rolls a domain action check against the Law Holding to simulate trying to unseat Ruis' words. He rolled a 10. With the friendly attitude of Skarla Hjarring to Ruis, the enemy is penalized and the espionage action failed"

"He was telling the courtiers that the King had committed bloodtheft on his father and intend on running Halskapa to the ground. " Aran said.

"Is it true?" Ruis paced around the prisoner. Suddenly, Ruis stopped in front of the prisoner and stared into the prisoner's eyes. The prisoner suddenly displayed a visage of fear before he blinked.

"So that is what the false King is capable of?" The prisoner stammered.

[Ruis attempts to cower the prisoner into confessing. He used his blood ability of Divine Aura. As it functions like a fear spell, the prisoner rolls a Will Save of 20 (against the DC of 14). The prisoner is not cowered by the fearsome presence of Ruis]

Ruis smiled at the insult. Ruis waved off Jalkar and Aran outside of his chamber. After sometime, Ruis came out of the chamber.

[ As magical means are usless, Ruis decides to interrogate the prisoner. Therefore, i chose to play it as a skill challenge. Setting the DC at  20 ( for a moderate skill), Ruis decides to use his bluff skill to trick the prisoner to reveal his secret. Ruis needs to roll 6 times and must get 3 success before 3 failure has occured. I rolled 21, 28, 32, 18. A success! This meant that Ruis was able to convince the prisoner to blurt out the information by surprise. Turns out the prisoner knows the person who hired him and it is someone Ruis recognises."]

" Arrest the Jinnis, the proxy for Sketa(the jarl of Aandvjor). The prisoner has confessed that he was the one responsible."

[ Now that Ruis has found the enemy, he is ready for his next domain action. I rolled a 13. As I consult the charts, I gave a curse. There is a Great Captain/ Heresy event that signifies a rebellion. Since the scene ended with the proxy, Sketa provokes a war against Ruis over the state of Aandjvor and declares herself an independent state. And so, the next scene would continue as Ruis starts his rule with a bang]

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