Friday, June 29, 2012

[Nightwatch Campaign Settings] Class Decisions

Unlike traditional  fantasy settings, the difference between divine magic and arcane magic is little. Magic is primarily derived from drawing upon the Greyzone's power. Perhaps, the only distinction between the two types of magic is what the player character wishes to do.

Another major difference is whether spellcasters learn to draw magic through years of learning ( hence more prepatory spellcasting) or through instinct alone (i.e. spontaneous casters). For me, spellcasters in the setting seems to be more instinctive in nature.. Hence, i think I would go with spontaneous spellcasters.

Then there is a matter of what class is to be used. Urban Arcana and other d20 modern sourcebook gave us the Acolyte , Mage , Sorcerer and Mystic. But they were only Advanced classes. Plus Sorcerer and Mystic seems to be the only spontaneous class. Now, as I tend to play on varying levels, I think it may be prudent to have a base class that has spellcasting that complements the base classes.

Looking at the Advanced Class, I think it may be a good idea that Mage and Acolyte are still allowed. After all, the Others know how to instinctively tap into the Greyzone. How about the mundanes? Perhaps those with an interest in Occult may be able to tap into the Greyzone through hard work.

That makes a difference between prepared and spontaneous casters. Perhaps how they conduct the magic is the key difference. Spontanoeus casters may vary their casting and the motions of spellcasting may differ from one time to another. Prepared spellcasters aim to repeat the motion agains and again.

So that leaves the Sorecer and Mystic Advanced classes. Looking at the sorcerer, the class seems to assume a draconic heritage while mystic is OK in flavour and seems to imitate the acolyte a lot. Maybe, we could roll them into one class? Maybe we could substitute them using the base class.

For the base class, I am thinking that the class should be flexible to accomodate both arcane and divine spellcaster. We could make it generic and flexible. With some talent trees, players could have the freedom to create a spellcasters that they want.

As for the rest of the classes, I think the base class should not be modified. As for the Shadow Slayer Class,  it seems that they are mostly targeting Shadow Creatures. So should the Others be included as part of the Shadow? Since they are technically supernatural, including them may be a wise choice.

In conclusion, I think the d20 modern system should be able to hold the setting pretty well. The only difference is an addition of a base class that features spellcasting.

To answer:
What Class Do you allow?
What Class is forbidden
To introduce Spellcasting heroe

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