Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[Demonomicon] Abraxas, Supreme Unknown

It is a truth within the multiverse that knowledge is power. One of the most powerful secrets in the universe is that of arcane knowledge.And Abraxas is one of the few beings that can be said to possess all of these secrets.

Equally, Abraxas' follower are seekers of the most forbidden knowledge and through their search, become privy to some of the most dangerous knowledge that exist in the world. Yet herein lies Abraxas' insidious plans. Without the proper wisdom, these knowledge are akin to nuclear bombs and Abraxas' followers are not the sanest bunch. Often than not, these secrets would be improperly used and the consequence become dire to the world. And with each such incident, Abraxas smiles.

Appearing as a rooster-headed man, Abraxas carries a whip and a shield. His legs are replaced by two hideous serpents that is said to hiss constantly. Yet the most powerful weapon of Abraxas is his mind. Possessing a powerful technique known as the "Final Incantation", Abraxas is able to unamke the most epic spells woven by immortals and mortals alike.

As said, followers of Abraxas come in all forms. Yet, they all have one thing in common which is an unusual thirst for knowledge.Most seek knowledge for power. Many received the unholy whispers of Abraxas' minions in their dream.

In recent times, many have come to seek knowledge for instant gratification. Wanting a quick fix, most bargain away their most prized possession for a glimpse of the knowledge that could bring them the solution to their life. Most do not care about the consequence of other people around them. These are Abraxas' favourites. By being indifferent to other people, they spread chaos and evil through their newly acquired knowledge.

Abraxas lives in a layer known as Plemora. A mock paradise created through complex illusion and magic, followers of Abraxas indulge in pleasures both known and unknown to man. In reality, the realm acts as a container of spiritual energy. With each pleasure, the spiritual energy of the devotee is siphoned and stored in the realm. Abraxas plans to acquire even energy and ascend to godhood. Recently, he discovered the Greyzone. Eying the large amount of energy, Abraxas is researching on how to acquire the energy allowing him to cut short his plans to ascension.

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