Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[Nightwatch Campaign Setting] Modern Adept Part 3 - Conjuration Talent Tree

Conjuration Talent Tree
You are talented in the art of summoning, controlling and banishing supernatural creatures.
Rapid Summoning (Ex): Any time you casts a conjuration (summoning) spell, its casting time is 1 standard action rather than 1 full round. (Creatures so summoned can only take a standard action in the round they are summoned.) 
Augment Summoning (Ex): You gain the Augment Summoning as a bonus feat

Enhanced Summoning (Ex):  The duration of your conjuration (summoning) spells is doubled. Creatures summoned by those spells receive a +3 luck bonus on their attack rolls.
Obtain Familiar: You obtain the services of a magical companion. This functions exactly as the Mage class feature except that you use your Modern Adept to determine your familiar’s abilities.
Obtain Wild Companion: You obtain the services of an animal companion. This functions exactly as the Druid Class Feature except that your effective Druid Level is equal to one half of your Modern Adept level (round down and minimum 1).

Obtain Spirit companion: You summon forth a spirit creature to aid you in your adventures. This creature is both invisible and intangible, but it provides you with real benefits.
The divine companion stores spell energy and redirects it to you according to your level and your needs. To fill this reservoir, you must cast one or more targeted spells at this creature. A spell so cast does not produce its normal effect; the companion simply absorbs the spell's energy. It can store a number of spell levels equal to your Modern Adept level. You can cast spells into it at any time, but after you rest and recover your spell slots for the day, the divine companion loses any stored energy.
The divine companion exists outside reality and cannot be affected by spells, spell-like abilities, or any sort of antimagic effect or dispel check. It cannot, however, release its arcane energy within an antimagic field or similar effect. It uses your caster level for any checks required, and when it releases arcane energy, the level of the effect created equals the number of spell levels released.
The divine companion can release its stored spell energy in either of the following ways, at your command. You can use each effect as often as you wish, until the companion's stored energy is depleted.
Healing (Su): As a standard action, you can order your divine companion to convert the energy it has stored into healing power. This is the equivalent of a conjuration (healing) spell. This effect heals you for 1d6 points of damage per stored spell level, or as many levels as you designate (up to the maximum currently stored).
Shielding (Su): As a swift action, you can order the creature to convert the energy it has stored into protecting you. This is the equivalent of an abjuration spell that provides you with a deflection bonus to AC and a resistance bonus on saves each equal to the number of stored spell levels, or as many levels as you designate (up to the maximum currently stored). This effect lasts for 1 round per arcane caster level you possess.
Turn or rebuke Shadowkind: As an attack action, you could choose to affect the selected group of Shadow Creatures. When you take this talent, choose a type of creature from the following list and whether you want to turn or rebuke:
Aberration, Elemental,Magical Beasts, Outsider (chaotic), Outsider (evil), Outsider (good), Outsider (lawful), Undead.
This ability functions exactly like the Acolyte’s Turn and Rebuke Undead except that it pertains to the chosen creature type

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